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Our two companies, Imagine.com Telecommunications Inc. and Imagine.com Communications Inc., offer a range of services for client companies of all sizes.

At Imagine.com Telecommunications Inc., we focus on providing a range of services for commercial organizations, Fortune 500 companies, and Big Box Retail Stores. We provide Network Design with routers and switches, and optical networks for corporate headquarters, big box stores, and datacenters. We have the neccessary equipment to design, build, install, verify, and test fiber optic cables rated at 1 gigabit, 10 gigabit and above. Right now most of our work is at the 1 and 10 Gigabit speeds with OM1 and OM3/4 Fiber Optic Cable.

From the services point of view, we offer network services and telecom services. We can locate and fix most everything on a mixed media CAT5/6/6A copper and fiber network infrastructure and interconnected telecom technology. We have the best service network testing equipment, AP testing, fusion splicers, fiber termination equipment, telephone test sets, and anything needed to service the largest retailer in the world down to the smaller Advertising Agencies and anything in between.

At Imagine.com Communications Inc. we are focused on the needs and requirements of the creative community. This work is segmented into three areas, Hosting Services, Website Design, and Publishing Technology. The Publishing area provides the technology and service requirements for content creators: Publishing Computer Systems, Publishing Software, Networks, Support and Software Training.

We are a Quark Software Inc. Authorized Reseller, the developer of Quark XPress. We recently began offering training in the new Quark XPress 2020 for Print, Web, and App Content Creators.

We are a Value Added Reseller for Content Creators who are looking for Publishing Computer Systems for design along with Publishing software, font management, networks, server storage, training, support, etc. Although we don’t provide the computer hardware at this time, we can spec it out for the customer as recommendations and provide the publishing software and services that will go with it. We have a service focus on our chosen territory: Eastern New York (NYC is only software and training), Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, Western Mass, and Eastern PA and Northern Delaware.

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